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PROGRAMME FOR:   March 2018 - March 2019

Wednesday 7th March 2018 - Northwood JACS Annual General Meeting - Its that time of year again when you all get free admission and enjoy the thrill of this unique annual event. Please try and make a special effort to ocme along and give encouragement to your hard working committee. Arrive early to get the best seats.

Wednesday 14th March 2018 - David Niven - His Lifer and Times - A One Man Play delivered by Nigel Coleman  -  David Niven was a leading English film actor, memoirist and novelist. His many roles included 'Squadron Leader Peter Carter' in 'The Matter of Life and Death' and 'Phineas Fogg in 'Round the World in 80 Days'. This will be another of Nigel's stand out performances and most of our members are big fans of Nigel's, who is returning for the umpteenth time.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 - Round The World with Agatha Christie - Nick Dobson - Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) is best known for her detective novels, short story collections, plays and famous detective sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marples. She was a very well travelled lady for the times in which she lived. She not  only visited all parts of the UK, she also visited every continent on earth, either with her first husband, or by herself. It is on this fascinating part of her life the Nick will concentrate and explain the reasons for her travels.

Wednesday 28th March 2018 - Enjoy Life Today and Plan for Tomorrow - Richard Conradi - Richard is Group Leader for the Joint NPLS  and Northwood United Bereavement Support Group. Learning from his personal bereavement group experiences, he has been keen to ensure that everyone plans for their future as their parents did for their childhood. He will presenting and illustrating his personal Advice Information Pack which has been adopted by many charities including Jewish Care and Age Concern.

Wednesday 4th April 2018 - CLOSED FOR PESACH

Wednesday 11th April 2018 - Ashes to Light - (A Holocaust Childhood - To Life With Music) - Nelly Ben-Or - This is a presentation in commemoration of Yom Hashoah. Nelly Ben-Or, who lives in Northwood, was born in 1933 in Lwow in Poland.  She is an international concert pianist and a professor at the Guild Hall School for Music & Drama.  This is the story of her life during the war when she and her mother spent the entire time avoiding the Germans, and her readjustment to a foreign environment on arriving in England some years later.

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - The Kray Twins - James Morton - Twin brothers, Ronnie & Reggie Kray, were English gangsters who were the foremost perpetrators in organised crime in London during the 1950’s and ‘60’s.  James will be reminding us of some of the events which happened not too far away from where some of us lived.

Wednesday 25th April 2018 - What a Carry On - Geoff Bowden & David Reed - Originally planned for 6th December but postponed through illness.
The one and only Geoff Bowden and David Reed return to give their take on the stars of this popular series of films.  No need to go into the many household names of all the actors and actresses who regularly took part.  Come along and relive the memories and be reminded of the artists who combined to make the ‘Carry On’ films a unique part of British film history.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - Me and the Olympics - Peter Matthews - Peter Matthews is an enthusiastic devotee to most sports.  He has a life long interest in the Olympic Games as a statistician, a writer, a broadcaster, and historian.  He will be telling us about the Olympic history in a quick resume and giving an account of his own involvement in the story. 

Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Jews and the Musical Theatre - Jane Rosenberg - A return visit from a lady who enjoyed a successful first visit entertaining us a few months ago.  She takes as her theme the above title, and talks a little, and sings a little.  She will also be playing music on a CD player, and will be quizzing you, the audience, on your musical knowledge.  A very pleasant afternoon in store. 

Wednesday 16th May 2018 - Growing Up on the Farm - Jane Greenfield - This is the story of how Jane’s father’s wartime experiences determined that her life was the opposite of what one would expect of a stereotype London Jewish girl.  She became a farmer’s daughter, helping with all the animals on the farm, whilst at the same time, going to school and growing up.  A far cry from what most of us ‘townies’ experienced. 

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - British Prime Ministers 1945 to the Present - Stuart Nagler - There has been 14 Prime Ministers between 1945 and the present, from Winston Churchill to Theresa May.  Stuart will attempt to highlight something about everyone and further engage your interest by taking questions.  This will bring back a few memories.

Wednesday 30th May 2018 - The Life and Death of Robert Maxwell - Helen Fry - Robert Maxwell (1923-1991) was born Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamim Hock.  He was a British media proprietor and MP originally from Czechoslovakia.  He rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire.  He died under mysterious circumstances in the sea around the Canary Islands.  This is his intriguing story.

Wednesday 6th June 2018 - Famous Women of the 20th Century - Jeff Page - Jeff has given himself a vast amount of women to pick from, but he does promise a fair mixture of the well-known types, and those who are famous within their own profession or field of endeavour.  Two people he does promise to discuss are Golda Meir and Mother Teresa.

Wednesday 13th June 2018 - More Travels with my Camera - Les Spitz - A return visit from Les Spitz, who, on this occasion, amongst other items, will be recalling memories of the four days he spent in New York and also the results of his camera work in South Africa and Thailand.  Also on the menu will be photographs of stained glass windows designed by the Russian/French/Jewish artist Marc Chagall.

Wednesday 20th June 2018 - Stanley Holloway and the Monologues - Jonathan Jones - Postponed from 28th February because of bad weather.
Stanley Holloway (1890-1982) was an English stage and film actor, humorist, singer and monologist.  Jonathan will be concentrating on Stanley Holloway’s unique ability to perform monologues, such as Sam, Sam, Pick Oop Tha Musket, and Albert & The Lion.
Jonathan himself is no slouch at poetry reading and will prove this once again for us this afternoon.

Wednesday 27th June 2018 - Northwood JACS 34th Birthday Party - We are planning our Birthday Party at the Ponte Grande Restaurant in Hatch End.  Arrangements are in the early stages, but we do know that, at the time of writing, the charge will be £15.  Watch this space.

Wednesday 4th July 2018 - The Music of Irvin Berlin and Tom Lehrer - Brian Nathan - Irving Berlin was a great composer. Tom Lehrer was no slouch either when it came to composing and being a lyricist.  Brian will be playing their music and talking about them in his own inimitable style.

Wednesday 11th July 2018 - A Modern Jewish Experience of the British Military - Sgt. Dan Fox - Dan Fox served with the British Army Reserve which included service at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. He believes there are 600 Jewish personnel in the British Army. He will talk about Jewish history in the British military, soldering in general, and also soldering from a Jewish perspective.  This is not a subject we have touched on before and that is only one of the reasons why this should prove to be quite an interesting afternoon.

Wednesday 18th July 2018 - The Life and Times of Peter Sellers - Nigel Coleman - A One Act Play by Nigel Coleman. Nigel never fails to enthral us when he visits to do his one act plays.  Very recently his subject was David Niven and on this occasion actor/comedian Peter Sellers is due to come under the spotlight. Nigel has built up quite a fan club amongst our membership. If you haven’t seen him perform, come along and find out why.

Wednesday 25th July 2018 - The Humorous Side of Being an Actor, Part 2 - Jonathan Fryer - Jonathan caused great amusement when he gave the first part of his talk last August.  He is known for appearing in the 'Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin', and 'Keeping up Appearances'.  As the title of his talk indicates he will be telling us about the more light hearted side of his profession.

Wednesday 1st August 2018 - Selected Opera Houses Around the World - Ruth Breckman - This is a power point presentation to help with the journey from London to Sydney, visiting some well-known Opera Houses along the way, with Ruth and her husband.  You will be able to appreciate the architecture and learn some of the history of these buildings told with humour and some anecdotes included.

Wednesday 8th August 2018 - Bomber Command and Rudy (Rueben Hicks) in WW2 - Paul Aldwincle - Paul will be telling this inspirational story about Reuben Hicks, who was born Reuben Godestski, and who passed away aged 103 in 2015.  Rudy originated from Bethnal Green and in latter years was a member of the Leicester Jewish community.  He was a dear friend of our speaker today, and was the oldest surviving member of WW2 Bomber Command.  Paul was left all Rudy’s original documents and memorabilia covering his active service as a Warrant Officer.

Wednesday 15th August 2018 - Objects, Weird or What? - Brian Burford - And now for something completely different.  Brian will be bringing along several objects, some bizarre looking, mostly palm size and of domestic use.  They will be complete items and not part of another object.  You contribution will be to guess what they are used for.  Brian guarantees you will probably guess wrongly.  This is a form of quiz and sounds like a fun afternoon.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 - Baking for Generations - 130 Years of Grodzinski's History - Jonathan Grodzinski - Jonathan is a fourth generation Grodzinski.  His great grandparents originated from a small village in Belarus and came to this country with their baking knowledge and skill.  Jonathan now runs the business which originated at Fieldgate Street in the London East End in 1888.  This is a powerpoint presentation by Jonathan and his wife, Rosalind,  about the biggest Kosher bakery in Europe and one that has expanded overseas.

Wednesday 29th August 2018 - Dr Harold Shipman - The Full Story - Dr Ellis Friedman - Dr Ellis Friedman was the Director of Public Health for the West Pennine’s District and was involved with Harold Shipman during Shipman’s working life and also in the many enquiries after he was detained for his crimes.  No one understands the man or his motives, better.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 - Jazz and Jews - Tony Zendle - Jews have been involved in music of all kinds, especially in the Great American Songbook.  Tony will be concentrating on their contribution to Jazz and will highlight the period of years between 1920 and 1950.  He will be playing music to accompany his talk and he hopes to include music from Al Jolson, Benny Goodman and Cab Callaway amongst others.

Wednesday 12th September 2018 - Audrey Hepburn's World War II Experiences - Howard Slater - Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) was a film and fashion icon during Hollywood’s Golden Age, but she has several skeletons in her cupboard.  She was born in Belgium to a British father and a Dutch Baroness mother.  Audrey’s parents questionable behaviour before and during the last War is the basis for this talk.

Wednesday 19th September 2018 - CLOSED FOR YOM KIPPUR

Wednesday 26th September 2018 - Quirky Verse - Ros Nagler - Ros has appeared on local radio, in magazines, newspapers and Channel 4’s Countdown. She says that if you are bored with Brexit or fed up with fake news, then indulge in some pure escapism by coming along and listening to her poetry.  Her comic verse is based on her quirky perception of everyday life and will keep you amused and entertained.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018 - Around and About with BOZ (Charles Dickens) - Nick Dobson - If you believe that Charles Dickens’s influence was confined to this country, you would be wrong.  He left his mark in many countries all over the world, and even had a connection with England and Australia competing for the cricketing Ashes. This is the main thrust of today’s talk, but Nick will not be forgetting the major contribution Dickens made to English literature.

Wednesday 10th October 2018 - 100 Years of Deception, Hoaxes and Swindles of the 18th Century - Ian Keable - The 1700’s were a period when the people of England seemed to be exceptionally gullible.  In this entertaining talk Ian relates and illustrates sundry hoaxes and deliberate deceptions, all of which are memorable, not only for the imaginative nature of the swindle, but for the differing motives of the tricksters.

Wednesday 17th October 2018 - President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - A Biography - Jef Page - John Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States from 1961 until he was assassinated in 1963.  Jef Page has been a freelance lecturer for over 30 years on historical subjects and will talk about the life, times and work of this charismatic politician and his place in history.

Wednesday 24th October 2018 - Jews in the Musicals - Lynne Bradley - With tongue in cheek Lynne says that if there weren’t any Jews in America, there wouldn’t be any Musicals.  They have been involved in every facet of what is known as ‘The Musical’.  They come as composers, singers, producers, writers etc., Lynne’s talk covers the whole gambit.  She will be singing as well, so ring up the curtain.

Wednesday 31st October 2018 - Older People's Finances - Alissa Bayer - Alissa Bayer is a prominent City Investment Consultant.  She will be talking generally about what you should be doing with your money as you get older, and the changing views about investment.  She asks if you would want your children to tell you what to do.

Wednesday 7th November 2018 - Nostalgia with a Jewish Flavour - Joyce Davis - Joyce is presenting a musical programme. The connection with each piece of music she will be playing will be that the singer, composer, musician, involved etc. is Jewish.  She is going to throw in one or two anecdotes for good measure and promises that you will know and enjoy every tune.  Apart from enjoying the music, there is nothing better than a bit of nostalgia.

Wednesday 14th November 2018 - George Gershwin - The 20th Century Greatest Composer - Roger Filer - It is very unusual for us to have two musical programmes in a row, but sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles. George Gershwin (1898-1937) was an American composer and pianist.  His compositions spanned both popular and classical music.  This will be a powerpoint presentation about his life and work and you will also hear some of his memorable music.  Start humming and tapping your feet.

Wednesday 21st November 2018 - An Insight into Jews in the British Forces - Sgt. Dan Fox - Part 2 - Sgt. Dan Fox gave a fascinating talk to us recently and all those who saw and heard him will not be missing this one.  Today he hopes to bring along a couple of colleagues who will join in a discussion about their personal experiences in the British Forces.  The discussion will then be thrown open for general reaction from you, the audience.  I hope that all those members who have served in the Forces, and fulfilled National Service, will be on parade.

Wednesday 28th November 2018 - John Le Mesurier - A One Act Play by Nigel Coleman - John Le Mesurier was an English actor maybe best remembered for his role as Sergeant Wilson in the BBC’s comedy ‘Dad’s Army’.  Nigel will be presenting his usual one act play on this wonderful character actor and will, no doubt, be thoroughly entertaining, as he always is when he visits us.

Wednesday 5th December 2018 - Northwood JACS Chanukah Party - Alex Samos Entertains - Alex Samos, who is a singer/guitarist, will be providing the entertainment at our party. He has a large range of expertise in various types of music and has many of our favourites in his repertoire. Doors open at 1.30pm with a soft drinks reception. The entertainment commences at 2pm.  Tea will be served at 3pm. Price is £5. Please note members only.


Wednesday 16th January 2019 - A County at War - Life on the Home Front in Hertfordshire - The Armistice Edition - Robert Voss CBE  - The film was commissioned by the Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire at NPLS and Robert will talk about the film and The Lieutenancy, being the only Jewish Lord-Lieutenant in English history (apart from Lord Rothschild in 1885).

Wednesday 23rd January 2019 - CST for Me and My Community - Cassie Daniels - The talk covers all the different elements of CST's interesting and vital work keeping the community safe: From their various security projects - To the political side of their work monitoring and reporting on antisemitism in the UK.

Wednesday 30th January 2019 - CLOSED - The Synagogue hall is not available for JACS on this date but we are back on the 6th February.

Wednesday 6th February 2019 - Behind the Cameras at the Movies - Judy Karbritz  - Why Ron Moody chose his Yiddish accent for Fagin and what you never knew about the Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain and many other favourites.

Wednesday 13th February 2019 - The Jews of Uganda - Ros Eisen - An informative talk by Ros, who will explain how these people became recognised as Jewish, their history and their current situation.

Wednesday 20th February 2019 - There is a lot more to Magen David Adom than just Ambulances - Robin Jacobs - Come along and listen to what will be a very interesting and informative presentation of the work that is carried out by Magen David Adom.

Wednesday 27th February 2019 - 'Miss Gatsby' and other Vintage Eras - Lynda Styan, Vintage Professional Singer - Lynda trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama so you are guaranteed to be in for a treat.

Wednesday 6th March 2019 - AGM  - Come along and support the new committee and hear what is happening.

Wednesday 13th March 2019 - Jewish East End 18c to early 20c - Howard Slater - Takes a Tour of the Jewish East End, Including famous landmarks and not so famous - famous people and not so famous. If time, followed by a singsong.

Wednesday 20th March 2019 - The Folklore and Traditions of Hertfordshire - Mark Lewis - An examination of the superstitious beliefs, customs, stories of witchcraft and paranormal phenomena of the area, including the traditions associated with the famous ‘Puddingstone’ that is found in the region.

Wednesday 27th March 2019 - The History of the Jews of Italy - Susan Kikoler - This talk will focus on the history of some of the more significant Jewish communities to illustrate their diversity of origin and of destiny. Just as pre-1861 Italy was patchwork of Duchies, Republics and Papal States, each with its own distinct history and traditions, so the history of each Jewish community mirrors these differences and has a unique story to tell.


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