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 History Of JACS 

The concept thought up by the late Annette Pearlman together with the late Rev Saul Amias was to organise a structured programme of activities for retired or semi retired members – basically cultural and held together by strong social ties.

The first branch opened in 1978 at Stanmore Synagogue and was an immediate success. This was soon followed by Finchley Synagogue and Southgate in 1979. Some 22 branches were formed in a short space of time – all on synagogue premises

As implied by its name JACS - Jewish Association of Cultural Societies offers a programme of speakers and light entertainment on a weekly basis and organises visits to places of interest, concerts etc. Holidays are arranged usually twice a year, mainly in the UK and occasionally outside of the UK. During our last visit to Israel we visited the IDF armoured corps memorial site at Latrun and were privileged to lay a wreath at the Wall of Remembrance. (Photographs of this holiday may be seen in the ‘Picture Gallery’)

During its early days, JACS formed a strong attachment to Karmiel Childrens village located in the Bet Hakerem valley in 'Upper Galilli'.  The Village was formed in 1978 and presently looks after about 275 deprived and abused children. JACS provides financial support by means of periodic donations that originate from voluntary contributions sent in by individual branches.

More about JACS can be found by following the contact details given on this website. 

We welcome enquiries from any synagogues that feel a need to open a branch to serve their own community. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will respond.              


JACS Executive Committee 2010-2013
National Chairman           Harold Newman MBE
Vice Chairman                  John Kay
Treasurer                           Sam Kuperberg
National Secretary             Sheila Levitt
Minutes Secretary              Barbara Newman
Catering                             Polly Davis
Programme Coordinator   Sadie Allen
Security                              Maurice Franklin
                                           Sarah Moss
Journal Editor                    Angela Feuer -
Publicity                              Frank Dobkin   
Inter-Club Organizer          Sylvia Pizer.                                       

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